Wally wooden interlocking crocodile puzzle with secret lock

Sold out 2000 Limited Edition Set of 18.
Original Price: AU$220.00
One of these puzzles sold in June 2008 at Baxterweb Auction for USD 1061.00

To combat earthquakes a building construction using interlocking wooden pieces has been used in Japan for centuries. During the Edo period (1603-1868) Masters made models of the corner joints to teach apprentices the construction method. It is likely although unproven that this lead to the origins of the Japanese interlocking puzzles called kumiki.

Whilst WALLY is modelled after the kumiki technique the pieces are Mr Puzzle’s own design. WALLY is much larger than the usual size these puzzles are made in Japan to accommodate a complex lock not seen in traditional kumiki designs. You will need to negotiate this lock before you can take the puzzle apart and understand it to be able to put the puzzle back together.

Clue: What do crocodiles do apart from just eating tourists?

WALLY is crafted from Australian Blackbean. Size: Nose to tail 510mm Toe to toe 120mm

Wally wooden interlocking crocodile puzzle with secret lock
Wally wooden interlocking crocodile puzzle

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