30 Cube multi-level challenge puzzle

Martin Gardner, a world-famous mathematician and scientist once wrote an article in Scientific American magazine back in 1966 expressing his regret that the 30 colour cube principle had never been turned into a commercial set of challenges. It took until 2017, when he was 91 years old, for an associate Ivan Moscovich, to finally bring that longed for puzzle to fruition with the help of Gavin Ucko from the Happy Puzzle Company.

There are 45 challenges, including 18 junior puzzles, given in the booklet, but that only represents the start of what you can do with this puzzle.  Once you know the starting principle you can make as many different puzzles as you like with this one.

Made from wooden blocks that fit neatly into a plastic divided tray and nice bright colours as well as a booklet in 5 languages this one can be played with by kids and adults alike. Once you start playing it’s quite addictive.


30 Cubed puzzle pieces