Free Pause 6 piece Burr

Edward Hordern IPP30 Puzzle Exchange – Osaka, Japan. July 2010.  170 made.
Presented by Frans de Vreugd.  Made by Mr Puzzle Australia. Designed by David Rousseau.
Original Price: AU$45.00

The object of the puzzle is to take the burr apart and reassemble it. Just six pieces but beware it’s a level; that means it takes 8 moves to remove the first piece, then three more for the next piece, then two more, then two more before it will all fall apart. The challenge is then to put it back together again. There are 105 theoretical assemblies, otherwise known as false assemblies, but only 1 of them can actually be put together. For an extra challenge, the puzzle comes disassembled.

David is a prolific puzzle designer. In just the past 3 years alone you see over 55 different designs he’s published on the internet.

The puzzle is made from Papua New Guinean Rosewood.
Size: 70mm x 70mm x 70mm

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