International Puzzle Party 30 Osaka & Hakone, Japan

The 30th International Puzzle Party was held in two locations in Japan in July 2010.  We enjoyed meeting puzzle friends in Osaka first then travelled by the Shinkensen train to Hakone for a second round of puzzling fun.  “Puzzle Mountain” they call it.  All puzzlers love to visit Hakone.

At Mr Puzzle we made a number of puzzles for the Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange event as well as one of the winning entries in the Nob Yoshigahara Design Competition for entrant Pantazis Houlis for his “One Four All & All Four One” puzzle.

Free Pause six piece bur
Presented by Frans de Vreugd.  Designed by David Rousseau. (Now sold out)
Just six pieces but beware it’s a level There are 105 theoretical assemblies, otherwise known as false assemblies,  but only 1 of them can actually be put together.

Fuji 1707 take apart puzzle (Now Sold Out) sequential discovery puzzle
Designed and presented by Brian Young.
The object of the puzzle is to get Mt Fuji to blow it’s top and find the Buddha of All-Illuminating Wisdom, the Dainichi Nyorai.

Brian loved being able to attend the workshop given by Akio Kamei to make the famous his DICE puzzle.
Winners are grinners. Pantazis Houlis, Stephen Chin, Václav Obšívac celebrating with Brian at the Awards Dinner in Hakone. All three had puzzles in the Design Competition Top 10 and Brian made Pantazis puzzle.
Brian exchanging puzzles with Vladimir Krasnoukhov at this year’s Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange.
IPP 30
Brian at the International Tokyo Toy Show (just like a kid let loose in a candy store!)

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