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Mr Puzzle Australia Puzzles

Another Headache wooden peg puzzle

Made from April 1996 until 2018 870 made.
Original Price: AU$40.00

The object is to get the black pegs where the tan pegs are and the tan pegs where the black pegs are…

Pegs can only be moved forward… this being the direction they are headed for. Pegs can be moved forward one space along the marked lines. Pegs can jump a peg of the other colour but not the same colour, to move forward along a marked line. Colours can be moved in any order. You do not have to move different coloured pegs in order.

This puzzle was widely sold in Victorian England and was well known amongst seamen so that many original designs of the puzzle show the board carved in a boat like shape. Many puzzle books give the solution to this puzzle in 52 moves however in the 1930’s the English puzzle expert Henry Dudeney discovered a 46 move solution which as yet has not been bettered.

Mr Puzzle’s handsome wooden version will complement any post-Victorian drawing-room.
Size 210mm x 140mm x 45mm