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Mr Puzzle Australia Puzzles

Send You Loopy disentanglement puzzle

Standard Range puzzle made at Mr Puzzle Jan 1996-June 2019.  Made 4100.  All sold.
Original Price: AU$11.95


Get the beads on the same loop, on the same side of the wood and you’ll have done the puzzle!

A puzzle called The Block and Tackle was designed by combining the design of a puzzle which had been played in Europe (published as early as 1735) and North Africa for centuries, and the Sleeper Stopper designed by Stewart Coffin in 1972.

In Greenland, there is an old toy called Pulaarut which was carved from reindeer antlers rather than wood.  That design was just like the Send You Loopy puzzle. So celebrated is this puzzle in Greenland that the puzzle was depicted on the Greenland Europa stamp issue of 2015.

Over the years this puzzle has been used widely as a marketing gift. Cohn’s Pharmacy of Camberwell, Victoria, Australia used it to advertise their business in the early 1900s and even to this day Mr Puzzle has used variations of this one for corporate gifts.

Size 125mm x 30mm x 30mm