Dilemma Games made in Thailand

We recognise the wood right? We all think it’s teak from Thailand right? Wrong. This is monkey wood and it’s a plantation grown wood used by Thai puzzle maker Dilemma Games. They use it because it promotes sustainability. Dilemma makes lots of classic puzzles and a few new and innovative designs of their own to present a good range of mechanical puzzles.

Dilemma Games have been making puzzles since 1996 and recently clocked up 7 million brain teasers sold in over 42 countries. The company is very committed to its Think&Solve education program and have more than 200,000 students participating.

We picked a lucky 13 different designs that represent a range of historical classics through to new designs.
If you’re just starting your puzzle collection and would like to have an example of some basic designs this is a great place to start.
And there’s a couple of mechanical puzzles in there for the experienced puzzle collector too!

A small selection of the puzzles from Dilemma is shown here. Visit this link for them all.  https://www.mrpuzzle.com.au/puzzles-by-type.html?manufacturer=76


Dice Cube wooden puzzl

Escape! sliding block puzzle

Hollow Cross

Beer barrel puzzle