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Mr Puzzle Australia Puzzles

IPP38 Puzzles

Brian @ Mr Puzzle made two of the puzzles presented at this years IPP puzzle exchange.

Rollercoaster is an interlocking and dexterity and packing puzzle in one! You’ll need to solve the puzzle inside the confined space of the box. Designed this year by Laszlo Molnar.
Laszlo called the puzzle Rollercoaster after the action of rolling the pieces around inside the cube to get to the solution.  He says “I like amusement park analogs, and here the movement of all pieces reminded me of the rollercoaster.”  Laszlo is from Malta and though there isn’t a huge puzzle community there he says his puzzle design days really started as a challenge to design something to stump a puzzle friend but he’s since found he enjoys the process very much.

The clear acrylic box makes it really hard to photograph to show just how nice the puzzle really looks. I’ve put it on coloured background so maybe that helps a bit. 

Rollercoaster Jarrah wood


PANDAmonium at the Zoo is a fund little tray puzzle created by Brian Young for Rosemary Howbrigg at IPP38.

There are 4 adult Pandas and 1 baby Panda to fit back into the Z(oo) shaped tray.  One large Panda is outside the enclosure.  You can see that there’s one Panda sitting in a circle outside the Z. And it looks like there’s not a large enough space to fit it inside the Z. But it definitely can fit in there.  It’ll keep you puzzling for quite a while to get that extra Panda back in.

PANDAmonium IPP38 2d packing brainteaser