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Mr Puzzle Australia Puzzles

PANDAmonium at the Zoo

Edward Hordern IPP38 Puzzle Exchange – San Diego, USA August 2018.  220 made. 
Presented by Rosemary Howbrigg.  Made by Mr Puzzle Australia. Designed by Brian Young.
January 2022.  This puzzle is now SOLD OUT. This information forms part of our IPP Archives.

There are 4 adult Pandas and 1 baby Panda to fit back into the Z(oo) shaped tray.  One large Panda is outside the enclosure.  You can see that there’s one Panda sitting in a circle outside the Z. And it looks like there’s not a large enough space to fit it inside the Z. But it definitely can fit in there.

The pieces are a snug fit in the frame but even if there’s a small amount of flex in the acrylic they do not need to be jammed in tightly; on the right angles they will fit well into the frame.

The puzzle is made from black acrylic. The pieces shaped liked Pandas are made from laser-cut white acrylic.

Size: 147mm x 100mm x 10mm