Puzzler’s Cage 24 piece burr designed by Junichi Yananose

Sold Out 2002 Limited Edition set of 24.
Original Price: AU$220 (about USD123.00 when originally sold)
One of these puzzles was resold within 24hour of being listed on eBay “Buy it Now” in March 2005 for USD275.00 In April 2008 one of these puzzles sold at Baxterweb Puzzle Auctions, Featuring the John Ergatoudis Collection Phase 12 for USD 300.00.

The puzzle is to assemble/disassemble the 24 piece interlocking burr.

This burr is extremely interlocking; it even interlocks around the ends of some of the pieces which is very unusual.

Junichi Yananose designed this burr in 1999 without the use of a computer and in his own words describes it as “a crazy difficult burr puzzle”.

This puzzle has been so rarely made that even Junichi does not own a copy of this puzzle, although he has already reserved one from this Limited Edition releases.

Puzzlers Cage is presented in Queensland Maple (which like many native Australian timbers is not really from the maple family). Also known as Maple Silkwood this timber is from the Rutaceae family.

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