Merlin’s Eye assembly puzzle

Sold out 2000 Limited Edition Set of 18.
Original Price: AU$140.00

Firstly, can you free Merlin’s Eye from the maze without taking any of the ropes out of the mouths of the dragons?

Then you can disassemble the puzzle completely to reveal a new challenge; that of assembling the dodecahedron shape again and enclosing Merlin’s Eye again.

Merlin may have indeed used magic to assemble this puzzle; we hope you can you see success by looking into the future using Merlin’s Eye.

The puzzle is made from 10 sticks of Blackbean capped with 20 hand cast pewter dragon heads. It is presented on a pentagonal Blackbean base and is available with either a clear or green glass ball.

The puzzle was originally invented by Geoffrey A. Mogilner and R. D. Johnson and patented in USA 24 October 1972.
Size: The diameter of the base is 130mm and the assembled puzzle fits approximately within a 135mm cube. From dragon nose to nose each stick is 150mm long.