Big Knot Variation 14 piece burr

Sold Out 2007 Limited Edition set of 30.
Original Price: AU$185

This amazing and symmetrically attractive 14 piece burr was designed in 1981 by Oskar van Deventer. Although he does not specialise in burrs his designs are as ingenious as the other types of puzzles he’s better known for. Brian has always been a fan of Oskar’s burrs because once assembled they create such beautiful objects.

This puzzle has 28 false solutions with just 1 constructible solution. A copy of BurrTools solution file can be supplied upon request.

Brian has chosen to enhance the finished puzzle by using contrasting woods. The pieces are made from Queensland Silky Oak (know elsewhere as Lacewood) with decorative inserts of Western Australian Jarrah. One piece has been drilled and secretly doweled to strengthen a potential weak points.

Size: Made from 20mm x 20mm stock. Each piece is 180mm x 60mm x 20mm. Assembled puzzle 180mm x 180mm x 180mm.