Russian 13 interlocked cube designed by Leonid Mochalov

Sold out 2002 Limited Edition Set of 24.
Original Price: AU$220.00

Make the 3×3 interlocking cube.

The puzzle again comes from the book by Russian author Leonid Mochalov (website: called “400 Games, Puzzles & Tricks”. It’s presented in the chapter called Volumetric Puzzles and is called the Collapsible Cube although it’s inventor is unknown to us.

Mr Puzzle himself found this puzzle quite tricky to put together; you can make it more difficult by not taking any hints from the photo of the assembled puzzle. From our own computer analysis there are six different solutions; see if you can find them all.
The puzzle is crafted from Australian Blackwood, also known as Black Wattle.

Size: 90mm x 90mm x 90mm