Ned Kelly – Sequential Discovery interlocking puzzle designed by Brian Young

10th Year Anniversary Sold out 2002 Limited Edition Set of 24.
Original Price: AU$440.00  (AU$400.00 ex Australian Tax)
One of these puzzles sold on Baxterweb Auction site from the John Ergatoudis Collect Phase 12 in April 2008 for USD 710.00  and another in December 2016 for USD 1771.00. 

Over 100 years after he was hanged the mystery of Australia’s most infamous bushranger Ned Kelly still remains an unsolved puzzle.

The puzzle is to find Ned Kelly’s skull; its true whereabouts remains a mystery to this day.

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary Limited Edition range Brian has created a completely unique design which recalls the history of Ned Kelly.

To do the puzzle you will have to follow the history of the Kelly gang’s last stand in their crudely fashioned armour at against the troopers at Stringy Bark Creek. To assist we will tell the story of Ned Kelly’s Last Stand on the Limited Edition certificate you will receive with the puzzle.

You will need to solve ten different puzzles to discover the tools incorporated in the puzzle. You will require these tools along the way to complete the puzzle.
At the time I thought of the puzzle as being a progressive move to take apart; I didn’t really know it, but this was perhaps the start of my journey into what then became known as Sequential Discovery puzzles. 

The puzzle will also be quite a challenge to reassemble because every piece in the puzzle is different and interlocking.

Ned is presented in Queensland Blackbean. Queensland Blackbean grows throughout eastern Australia and is also known as Moreton Bay Bean or Moreton Bay Chestnut. Size: 290mm tall x 130mm x 80mm.

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