A Cube With A Secret – a box with a secret lock

Sold Out Limited Edition 2003 Set of 24
Original Price: AU$350.00  (AU$318 ex Australian Tax)
This puzzle resold at The John Ergatoudis Collection Puzzle Auction (private auction) 20th October 2006 for USD415.00. Original selling price AUD350.00 (approx USD260.00 at the time)

Not just a common cube puzzle; Brian overlooked this puzzle several times when looking through the Russian puzzle book by V.P.Zhukov published in 1993. He thought it was just another variation of the standard cube also commonly made as either a barrel or sphere.

In fact, Yevgeny Chebotarev had invented an intriguing 16 piece puzzle which he first published in ‘Science and Life’ in Russia in 1983, although he made modifications after that.

The original cube had a ‘secret’ … a small compartment to store a small souvenir or piece of jewellery. To get to this cube’s secrets you must negotiate the unusual lock. The lock has no magnets or gravity pins but there are a number of very tricky moves to find.

Brian made changes to some of the pieces to give the puzzle it’s embossed style and to increase the number of moves in the lock; his version also has four separate hidden compartments as well as another ‘secret’.

When Brian was corresponding with Yevgeny to get the plans to make this puzzle Yevgeny originally sent a different version to the one in the book. When asked about this he said no-one ever wants to make the original as it’s much too difficult to manufacture; too much of a challenge for Brian to refuse.

The puzzle is crafted from Jarrah with contrasting pieces of Queensland Silver Ash. The giant Jarrah tree, sometimes commonly referred to as West Australian Mahogany is part of the Eucalyptus family and the only Jarrah forests in the world are found in Western Australia, south of Perth.
Size: 140mm x 140mm x 140mm