18 Piece II – Bill Cutler designed burr puzzle

Sold Out Limited Edition 2003 Set of 24

Original Price: AU$220.00  (AU$200 ex Australian Tax)
In April 2008 one of these puzzles has since sold at auction on Baxterweb Auction for USD 110.00 (about AU$ 160 at that time).

One of many burrs Bill Cutler designed in the 1960’s and 1970’s this burr is one he calls “an ‘off center’ burr”. Bill says, “in ‘off-center’ burrs any two rods that intersect do so half-way through the widths of their rods as opposed to the ‘altekruse’ burrs in which pieces intersect each other with their full widths”. This puzzle has 12 identical pieces and is therefore not one of Bill’s most difficult burrs. However, the shape of this puzzle is aesthetically pleasing and the pieces interlock in an interesting way.

If you were not one of the lucky people to get one of only 35 of these puzzles made for Bill Cutler by Jerry McFarland between 1994 & 2001 now’s your chance to own one.

The puzzle is crafted from Black Wattle.
Size: 150mm x 150mm x 150mm (18 pieces each 30mm x 30mm x 150mm)

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