Wendy – the wooden interlocking kangaroo puzzle

Sold out 1999 Limited Edition Set of 12.
Original Price: AU$200.00

From 1874 Mr Yamanaka applied the ancient Japanese skill of joining wood without nails to make building structures to making interlocking puzzles in the shape of pagodas and towers.

The art continues in the Hakone district even today.

WENDY is a 3 to 1 scale model of a Kangaroo with Joey made in the area just after WWII but in true Mr Puzzle style there is a secret to getting the first piece out. After you’ve released the lock the first piece will slide out effortlessly.

Clue: What do kangaroo’s normally do? (The answer is NOT eat – so the first piece is NOT the head)

WENDY is crafted from the North Queensland Rose Alder. Size: From the top of her ears to the ground she’s 290mm tall.

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