Kumiki Airlines level 13.4 burr

Edward Hordern IPP33 Puzzle Exchange – Narita, Japan. August 2013.  177 made.
Presented by Brian Young.  Made by Mr Puzzle Australia. Designed by Junichi Yananose.
Original Price: AU$75.00

The plane is incorrectly assembled and can’t possibly fly like this. You need to take the puzzle apart and reassemble it to make it more aerodynamic. To do that on reassembly you’ll have to solve the level 13.4 multiple move burr.

“Kumi ki” is a Japanese word that means “to assemble wood” or “put together wood”. Usually used in the puzzle world to mean interlocking burr puzzles that when assembled form a particular figure although this level of complexity is definitely a new concept. We don’t know of other Kumiki puzzles with level of difficulty made before.

Our Rating 8/10 because the puzzle is already in an unsolved state (without using BurrTools). The puzzle comes with a very clear step by step solution drawn by Junichi.

A great Bon Voyage present. Plenty of time to play with puzzles on the plane flight!

The puzzle is made from Queensland Silver Ash
Size: Wingspan: 140mm From nose to tail: 160mm Height of tail wing: 60mm