Saturn Ring wood brainteaser puzzle

Standard Range version made in September 2003 and June 2004.  550 made.  All sold.
Original Price: AU$32.00

The puzzle is to assemble the 31 blocks into the planet Saturn with it’s ring.

The puzzle is similar in concept to the Rubik’s Snake but it’s been connected into a complete ring. The puzzle also has a combination of right angled pieces and some straight through pieces to make it more challenging.

A great Christmas present to commemorate the release of the Huygens probe from Cassini on Christmas Day 2004. After a seven-year journey through space, the Cassini-Huygens probes are about to reach their destination. In mid 2004 Cassini will begin its four-year orbital mission, circling Saturn 77 times. In all, Cassini will aim its instruments at 8 of Saturn’s 31 known moons. One of them is the giant moon Titan which for which 45 close flybys are planned. Titan will also be the target of the Huygens probe, which will be released by Cassini on Christmas day (Christmas eve in the U.S.) for descent through Titan’s atmosphere 3 weeks later.

The blocks are strung on a closed ring of strong elastic cord so it’s difficult for you to find where the puzzle starts and ends. The puzzle was designed by and is exclusive to Mr Puzzle Australia.
Size: Each of 30 cubes is 17.5mm cubed plus one double block which is 35mm long. The assembled puzzle is 87.5mm x 68mm x 52.5mm

Note: The puzzle was also used in 2006 as a give-away in the Juegos de Ingenio magazine in a number of European countries. That version was Made in China with our permission.