Cover Up

Edward Hordern IPP39 Puzzle Exchange – Kanazawa, Japan in August 2019.
Designed by George Sicherman Presented by Rosemary Howbrigg. Made by Mr Puzzle.
332 made. Original Price AU$25.00
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The goal of this puzzle is to place the T-shaped piece on a flat surface and hide it under the other four pieces. We made it a different colour so you’ll easily see if part of it is poking out.

The Cover Up puzzle is not too hard and very playable. Great fun to try to solve.  We’ve found that people with just a casual interest in puzzles fiddle with this one for ages not believing that it’s possible but not wanting to put it away.  Hardcore puzzlers on the other hand really appreciate the design and just how the shapes fit together. 

The designer himself says that it seems to be a puzzle that’s great fun to play with, and the solvers feel good after they discover the point… that is IF they discover the deception that George has achieved with this one. But it is true that even the team here at Mr Puzzle were taking this one home for the whole family to have a go at. the result – mixed success!

The woods used in this puzzle are:  The red colour T piece: Western Australian Jarrah  The 4 lighter coloured pieces: Sycamore

Size:  In some ways even giving the dimensions of this puzzle could be seen as a clue so all we’re giving is the size of the box.  68mm x 68mm x 68mm.
Packaged in brown card box disassembled. There is a solution enclosed.

Entrant 2019 IPP Puzzle Design Competition


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