Restricted Soma designed by Martin Watson

Edward Hordern IPP35 Puzzle Exchange – Ottawa, Canada.  170 made.
Presented by Brian Young.  Made by Mr Puzzle Australia. Designed by Martin Watson.
Original Price: AU$45.00

The goal is to remove the pieces and reassemble the Soma Cube inside the Restricted opening box.

There is more than one solution with rotational moves.   However, there is a unique solution to the puzzle that does not use rotational moves.  Can you find it? 

Apart from the T section opening on the top face there are round holes in each of the other 5 sides. While they are large enough to allow you to manoeuvre pieces inside the box with your fingers, but just not quite large enough to let pieces come out of the box.  To get the pieces in and out there are some very unusual movement sequences but it will not be necessary to rotate the pieces.

For display it can be packed with the lacquered side of the black T piece to the outside making the box look complete.

To find the unique solution without rotational moves is very difficult.  In a recent email even the designer admitted to having some difficulties although to be fair Martin did design it some time back so maybe it’s been a while since he tried to solve.

Size:  70mm x 70mm x 70mm

A printed solution showing the unique solution steps is included with the puzzle.