New Puzzles from the International Puzzle Party 35 Ottawa, Canada

The 35th International Puzzle Party was held in Ottawa, Canada in August 2015.
Mr Puzzle made six new designs for the Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange event that is one of the focus events of IPP.
Five of these puzzles are listed for sale on our website in the Exclusive IPP Puzzles page on our website.

2 & 2
Designed by Osanori Yamamoto.
The puzzle is to assemble the 4 piece interlocking burr. An interesting symmetrical shape made from 2 pieces of clear 10mm acrylic around 2 wooden pieces.
This puzzle is fun, a really good challenge, but not impossibly difficult, a good size, not too fiddly, not too big.

This is the ‘big brother’ of Osanori Yamamoto’s 2 & 2 puzzle which we also made for as an IPP35 exchange puzzle. Only one extra piece but that makes much, much harder.
Take the 5 piece interlocking burr apart and reassemble it. There are so many peculiar moves due to the rotations that it even makes it difficult to know exactly what disassembly level to classify this burr as.

Pulsar Burr
Designed by Junichi Yananose.
The puzzle consists of 4 pieces of 10mm acrylic and a single wooden piece from Western Australian Jarrah. One of the acrylic pieces is quite unique to any other burr we’ve ever made. Junichi designed it with a sweeping curve cut out of the piece.

Stewart Coffin design STC 275-AS
Take the puzzle apart; mix up the pieces; then if you want a real challenge, wait some time (go for a walk around the block or something….) then try to put the 4 pieces back together again in this symmetrical pyramid shape.

Restricted Soma
Martin Watson design
The goal is to remove the pieces and reassemble the Soma Cube inside the Restricted opening box. Apart from the T section opening on the top face there are round holes in each of the other 5 sides. To get the pieces in and out there are some very unusual movement sequences but it will not be necessary to rotate the pieces.

2 & 2 Burr by Osanori Yamamoto

Glitter Very hard interlocking burr by Osanori Yamamoto

Multigrain burr Stewart Coffin design STC 275-AS