Straight Forward tricky puzzle

Edward Hordern IPP27 Puzzle Exchange – Gold Coast, Australia. August 2007. 200 made.
Presented by Patrick Major.  Made by Mr Puzzle Australia. Designed by Brian Young.
Original Price: AU$50.00
One of these puzzles resold in the Haubrich Auction of January 2019 for Euro 306.00 (that converts to almost AU$500.00)
Another resold on Cubicdissection Marketplace in March 2020 for USD 365.00 (that converts to almost AU$566.00)

The simplest maze in the world, or is it? Simply get the ball bearing from START to FINISH.

At a previous IPP Patrick and Brian had been sitting in a bar discussing puzzles (as they usually are…) when Patrick thought of the challenge to make the simplest looking maze in the world; of course it might not be the easiest to do. Brian could not resist the challenge and this puzzle is the direct result of that discussion.
Puzzle made from Queensland Blackbean. Size: 147mm x 50mm x 20mm.