Limited Edition

Mr Puzzle began creating our annual series of Limited Edition puzzles in 1993 as a way of adding puzzles not generally or commercially available to his own puzzle collection and this remains one of the main drivers for choosing which puzzles to make each year.

Puzzles are chosen for either historical significance and aesthetic value, not necessarily degree of difficulty.

Even though they are works of art in their own right they are definitely working puzzles. An additional puzzle element is often added which makes the puzzle unique and usually increases the level of difficulty. They are made to a larger scale than usual so you can display your pieces of puzzle art.

Brian only uses Australasian timbers; they are often quite rare species with the wood no longer available in commercial quantities but we’re able to source enough to make a small number of these very special wooden puzzles.

Our first Limited Edition puzzles were made in 1993 with a series of 3 sets of 6 puzzles. Over the years the number in each Limited Edition set of puzzles has increased due to demand.  We’ve made one set of 65 and one set of 45 puzzles in our 20th Anniversary Series. And because they sell out so quickly the SMS Box was a set of 130. Only the original number will EVER be made and no additional puzzles from previous limited editions have ever or will ever be made again.

Mr Puzzle always keeps one of each puzzle for himself.  To the best of our knowledge, Brian’s is the only full set of Limited Edition puzzles but some people have managed to add to their collections by purchasing second-hand at auction.  Sometimes there has been a Designer’s Copy of the puzzle made and given to the designer.

The puzzles are individually numbered and signed by Brian and come complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Limited Edition puzzles do not always come with a printed solution.  We do get requests for help and we’re always happy to help where we can; where possible we can often provide a BurrTools file, and other hints and clues.

Photo: Brian and some of the #1 Limited Edition puzzles he displays in his puzzle room.

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