Telephone Box sequential discovery & packing puzzle

Craftsman Range puzzle made in January 2007.  40 made.  All sold.
Original Price: AU$660.00 (AU$600.00 ex Australian Taxes)
One of these puzzles sold in Haubrich Puzzle Auction 30 in March 2019 for Euro 2678.00 (that’s about AU$4275.00 – more than 7 times its original selling price)

Entrant IPP Design Competition 2007

The first puzzle is to open the telephone box to allow you to have fun with the packing puzzle inside; its a sequential discovery puzzle in it’s own right.

To open the telephone box you will need to solve a series of puzzle locks; three locks in all and each has a number of steps to it. To do this you need to find the required tools, and work out how to use them, to open the door.

The three-dimensional packing puzzle inside has 12 pieces that spell the words ‘TELEPHONE box’. Its a difficult puzzle with a unique solution.

The box is a replica of a full size 1950’s Queensland PMG telephone box. We have one here at home which Brian has restored. For the IPP27 Giant Puzzle day pieces have been made from cardboard to make this same packing puzzle inside the real telephone box.

It’s not just an ordinary puzzle box. Apart from the sequential discovery puzzling aspect and the use of ten different exotic Australian woods, this piece is a sculpture to be displayed as a piece of art in it’s own right.

The dimensions are 115mm x 115mm x 225mm tall.

The telephone box is made from Sycamore wood. The letters of the telephone box are made from other exotic Australian timbers:

  • T Blush Alder
  • E Grey Gum
  • L Queensland Blackbean
  • E Grey Gum
  • P Red Oak
  • H Brown Quondong
  • O Saffron Heart
  • N Flooded Gum
  • E Grey Gum
  • b Red Oak
  • o Black Wattle
  • x Blackbutt