FRED – Fourteen relatively easy designs

Sold Out 1998 Limited Edition set of 12.
Original Price: AU$100.00

This puzzle was invented by Fred Irvine of New Zealand.

Did Fred name the puzzle after himself or is FRED an acronym for Fourteen Relatively Easy Designs ?

The object of the puzzle is to first build the light and dark cubes. Then take one “L” shaped piece from the light cube and swapping it with one “T” shaped piece from the dark cube make the next two cubes. Then swap another “L” piece with a “T” piece and make the cubes again… and so on until all “L”s have been swapped for “T”s.

Did Fred say fourteen relatively easy designs?
The light cube is made from Queensland Silver Ash. The dark cube is made from Queensland Walnut. They are presented in a Rosewood slide lid box.