Make Room Stewart Coffin design packing puzzle

Craftsman Range version made in January 2004. 100 made.  All sold.
Original Price: AU$80.00
In September 2017  one of these puzzles resold at Haubrich Auctions for Euro 102.00

This puzzle presents four different challenges:

  • Challenge 1 – Pack all 8 blocks under the closed lid. 30 possible solutions.
  • Challenge 2 – Make room for all 8 blocks and the gold rod under the closed lid (not in it’s packing position). 4 solutions.
  • Challenge 3 – Make Room for all 8 blocks and the key (dowel) under the closed lid. Unique solution.
  • Challenge 4 – Can you remember how the puzzle came packaged with the key in the lid? 3 solutions.

In 1997 Stewart Coffin originally designed Make Room and allocated it #127 in his numbering system although only one of these puzzles was made. At IPP21 in Tokyo in 2001 a larger version of the puzzle #127-A was given by Jerry Slocum as his exchange gift. That version had 14 separate solutions to fit just nine pieces in the box.

Brian had never made a packing puzzle before…. That all changed after IPP21 when he found himself playing with Jerry’s exchange puzzle for many, many hours. He then got interested in redesigning the puzzle to include a challenge with a unique solution. There are 9 different exotic Australian hardwood timbers used in this puzzle plus the brass rod and key piece from dowel. The box is made from an exquisitely bright yellow waxy timber called Yellow Leichardt. The timbers are presented as their naturally occurring colours with two coats of lacquer; no stain enhancement has been used. The eight pieces are made from 1. Tasmanian Oak 2. Queensland Silver Ash 3. Black Wattle 4. Western Australian Jarrah 5. Satin Sycamore 6. North Queensland Silky Oak 7. Tasmanian Blackwood 8. Rose Butternut

Size 90mm x 85mm x 78mm

The puzzle is made with the kind permission of Stewart Coffin.