Twelve Points to Insanity burr

Standard Range version made from April 1995 – current.  Made 2300.
These puzzles are still available in our eBay shop. 

The puzzle is to build the 12 pointed star from the six identical pieces.

A patent was approved for this puzzle in St. Louis, Missouri, USA to inventor George R. Ford. Patent No 779121 on 3rd January 1905. However there is some evidence that a very similar puzzle had been documented as early as 1875.

George R. Ford claimed:  “I claim as my invention – A puzzle consisting of a plurality of blocks 70 all of which are identical in form and shape, each of said blocks being provided with pairs of notches and a four-sided tapering portion between said notches; said blocks being adapt- ed to be placed together in pairs to occupy 7 5 notches in adjacent blocks and have their four­sided tapering portions arranged in mating facing positions, substantially as set forth.”

Nowadays it is often called The Cluster because of the star-like cluster of wooden blocks making this puzzle. It has also been sold commercially using other names – all suggesting it’s striking shape – Gem Cut Puzzle, Chestnut Burr & The Snowflake.

Mr. Puzzle has not changed the puzzle but perhaps his name for it is more appropriate!

Size 75mm x 75mm x 75mm (each piece 75mm x 25mm x 25mm)

Packaged DISASSEMBLED for your puzzling enjoyment! This puzzle is one of the group of interlocking solid puzzles called burr puzzles. It is sold disassembled and you must rely on the photograph on the accompanying Presentation Card to know what shape to assemble the blocks in. This ensures you’ll get the maximum value from the puzzle. REMEMBER – when all else fails we supply a professionally printed solution sheet.

Star shaped diagonal burr puzzle