Russian 11 – eleven piece burr with flat rectangular pieces

Sold out 2001 Limited Edition Set of 24.
Original Price: AU$95.00

The puzzle is to assemble the 11 piece burr.

Leonid Mochalov, a Russian mathematics teacher, first published a book of puzzles in 1980 and updated it in 2000 releasing “400 Puzzles & Tricks” (very loosely translated by a friend who is not actually Russian).

This puzzle is taken from that book and we think Leonid’s name for the puzzle translates as “Knot Out Of Flat Element”.

It is an eleven piece burr utilising flat rectangular pieces. Because it has a solid locking piece it is not a very difficult puzzle, however it is quite an unusual burr design.
This puzzle is crafted from Satin Sycamore grown in North Queensland. Size: 120mm x 120mm x 120mm