TLN 12 piece interlocking burr

Sold out 2001 Limited Edition Set of 24.
Original Price: AU$150.00
One of these puzzles resold at Baxterweb puzzle auction from the John Ergatoudis collection in April 2008 for USD 160.00 (original selling price USD 78.00)

The puzzle is to assemble to 12 piece burr representing the letters T L & N on three sides.

Junichi Yananose created this puzzle in 1991 but to date it has not been commercially manufactured. Although it is a 4x4x4 burr the 4 pieces on each side are not symmetrical, rather making four different shapes in the form of the letters T L and N.

As well as being very difficult to assemble this puzzle can also be relatively difficult to disassemble if you are not holding the puzzle just right.

This puzzle is crafted from the very dense and heavy timber called Cooktown Ironwood which is grown only across the very north of Australia in a thin band from Cooktown to Darwin. Size: 150mm x 150mm x 150mm.