Lost Day – Occassional table from eight different notchable 6 piece burrs

Sold out 2001 Limited Edition Set of 24. 
Original Price: AU$270

This very special piece of puzzle furniture consists of eight different notchable six piece burrs.

David Bruce designed this puzzle in 1985 and although he designed it by hand he did later have a computer check it’s assembly to ensure it was unique. He called the puzzle “Lost Day” because he thought if it takes an hour to put each piece in it’s correct place it would take 24 hours to assemble all the pieces…. we think this is being VERY optimistic!

The goal of the design was to make sure each of the eight corners was a different burr and that all were notchable burrs with no key piece.

The puzzle is presented as an occasional table but may be purchased with or without the 500mm round glass top (with polished edge). Glass is difficult to ship and you may be able to purchase the glass locally for less than we can supply and ship to you. Already included in the shopping cart price is an additional cost of glass AustAU $30.00. There will also be and additional freight charge when purchasing with glass top.

The puzzle occasional table is available crafted from Western Australian Jarrah and is shipped completed WITH 500mm round glass top.

Share Martin Watson’s experience as he put’s his LOST DAY together…. and loses several days, not just one!