Holey 6 Board Burr

Sold Out Limited Edition 2012 Set of 30.
Original Price: AU$180.00  (AU$163.64 ex Australian Tax)
In September 2018 one of these puzzles resold at Haubrich Auctions for Euro 100.00

With 540 false assemblies and only 1 Level 3-3-10-9-2 solution, this puzzle is a good challenge. Lucky the puzzle is being sold assembled because we have doubts that there are many puzzlers in the world who could assemble it from scratch. Of course, we’re happy to send it disassembled if you’re up for the challenge; just ask.

When Junichi was about 20 years old he knew that the standard 6 piece burr had already been fully analysed by computer by Bill Cutler so he set about creating a different type of 6 piece burr.

He knew that the end profile of the assembled 6 piece burr was a 2 x 4 grid and he realised it was possible to divide that grid pattern in different ways. Hence, he designed his first board burr back then in 1990.

That makes it more than 20 years ago since he designed his first board burr and to our knowledge, this may have been the first time the concept of board burrs had been thought of.

Eventually, the board burrs were also analysed; work done by Frans de Vreugd and Bill Cutler in early 2002. So in 2009 Junichi again added a completely new feature to one of his designs to make this very unusual puzzle.

The holes in the end of the burr are this feature and they are an integral part of the working puzzle.

Wood: Tasmanian Oak with Tasmanian Blackwood centre. Size: 200mm x 200mm x 200mm (pieces 200mm x 80mm x 20mm) Weight: 1.5 kg including packaging