Super Six piece interlocking burr

Craftsman Range version made in May 2001 and a few puzzles finished in 2015.  60 made.  All sold.
Original Price: AU$60.00

This puzzle is one of the group of interlocking puzzles called burr puzzles – it has internal voids and no solid locking piece which differentiates it from less difficult puzzles with the same external shape.  It has just six pieces but it is still in our Very Difficult puzzles category.  

The degree of difficulty of this puzzle is because we sell it disassembled and so you must put it together from the photo and because the internal voids and no solid piece means that there are 7 sliding moves to position the last block in the puzzle. Combine that with a unique solution and yes, it’s very hard!  

Found in 1985 in Israel by famous puzzle enthusiast Philippe Dubois the inventor of this puzzle remains unknown.

Wood: 1. Rose Alder  (varieties 2. Queensland Silver Ash  & 3. Queensland Blackbean are now sold out.)
This puzzle is handcrafted by us here at Mr Puzzle.  We found these puzzles while cleaning out some shelves in the Brian’s workshop and they are the last 12 puzzles to be completed from a batch we started making more than 15 years ago.   In fact we think it’s more than 10 years since they’ve been in stock on our website.   A nice feeling to have finally finished the project!

Size 90mm x 90mm x 90mm (each piece 90mm x 30mm x 30mm)
Packaged DISASSEMBLED for your puzzling enjoyment!  Full step by step solution is included with the puzzle.