MMM on Wooden Stand difficult metal puzzle

Standard Range version made from September 2020.  Made: 80  Original Price: AU$21.50
A very few of these puzzles are still available in our eBay shop.

The object is to separate all three M pieces then reassemble them to the pattern in this photo.

You know the MM puzzle. Its tricky right?  Each time you go back to it its like solving it from scratch all over again.  
The MM puzzle has become one of the most recognisable puzzles around.  Probably because it’s so much fun to fiddle with.  Now with an extra M piece the puzzle with three of the M pieces together is massively more difficult.

In 2017 we visited Nanco Bordewijk in Amsterdam. Nanco has been collecting puzzles for over 60 years and he explained to us the origins of the puzzle. Nanco was the one who was instrumental in introducing puzzle collectors to the MM puzzle back in 1993 when he gave a puzzle he called “The Sao-Paulo Puzzle” as his exchange gift at the IPP13 event held in Breukelen in The Netherlands in August of that year. Nanco told us that a pilot friend of his had bought him the puzzle after a trip to Sao-Paulo, Brazil. There was no information with the puzzle and the designer of the puzzle was not known. Nanco and his friend tried many times but unsuccessfully to find the designer and so the person remains unknown to this day.

So despite many people and even large manufacturers having claimed this puzzle as their own unless they are from Brazil it’s very unlikely that is the case.

Size: Each M is 60mm x 60mm x 6mm
We made the stand for the puzzle here at Mr Puzzle and packaged it with the presentation card in shrink-wrap.  Makes a nice gift.  We’ve included a link to a YouTube video that has the step by step solution. 

Mr Puzzle MMM Puzzle