The Puzzle Sticks tricky 8 piece puzzle

Standard Range version made from September 1996 to June 2010.  1330 made.  All sold.
Original Price: AU$15.95

The puzzle is to separate the eight pieces – if you can never do this puzzle it can always be used as a teapot stand.

At first glance this puzzle appears to be an impossible object. In puzzle terms, an impossible object is a puzzle that will not come apart or looks physically impossible to make. For this type of puzzle, the puzzle is to determine how it was made in the first place.

The Puzzle Sticks is NOT an impossible object. It will come apart without the use of force. Known as The Grill this puzzle was first made with only six pieces and published by Edwin Wyatt in his book Puzzles in Wood in 1956.

Mr.Puzzle’s version has eight pieces to increase your challenge.

Size 130mm x 130mm x 16mm