3 Wise Bolts sequential discovery puzzle

Released July 2018. 330 made. Sold out December 2018
Original Price: AU$210.00 (AU$190 ex Australian Tax)
In October 2019 one of these puzzles has since sold at auction on Puzzle Paradise for USD 425.00 and another on Baxterweb auction in December 2019 for USD 675.00 (that converts to about AU$ 985.00)
In November 2020 as part of the G4G Foundation Charity Auction one of these puzzles sold for USD 1075.00 (AUD 1483.00)
Last sold Puzzle Paradise Auction May 2022 USD 760 & another in May 23 GBP 560

The goal is to completely separate the two halves of the puzzle and find the two small round secret compartments. You’ll then need to be able to reassemble the puzzle to be able to say you’ve done it!

To do that you’ll have to take out all 3 of the bolts. All the tools you need to do that are in the puzzle. No external tools are required. So, you’ll need to make the best use of all of those tools to open the box.

Brian designed the puzzle with the view that the first two bolts to be removed should be tricky but not ridiculously difficult. He wanted to keep you interested in progressing through the puzzle. But that all changes when you get to the third bolt; the wisest one of them all!  Solving this final step should give you a really good Aha! moment. 

Wood used:  The top and bottom slices are made from Blackbutt and the slice of reddish wood in the middle is Rose Gum.

The puzzle is designed and completely made here at Mr Puzzle in Australia.  We did have the three basic bolts specially made in China but even after they arrived Brian has modified them extensively and he made the three nuts from scratch using our own metal lathe.

Just like the 3 wise monkeys, you’ll need all your senses and more to do this one. Hear, see, think about it, maybe hear again…. and once you’ve solved it speak no solution!

Size:123mm x 38mm x 30mm
Size of each of 2 small round compartments inside is just big enough for a ring or something small like that.  28mm diameter x 13mm deep.

A full step by step colour printed solution is provided.