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A Plugged Well sequential discovery puzzle

Edward Hordern IPP32 Puzzle Exchange – Washington DC, USA. August 2012.  390 made.
Presented by Matthew Dawson. Made by Brian Young @ Mr Puzzle Australia. Designed by Brian Young.
Original Price: AU$75.00 (AU$68 ex Australian Tax)

Auction Update:
– 15th June 2019 One of these puzzles re-sold at Auction on Puzzle Paradise for GBP 305.00
– April 2020 in Haubrich Puzzle Auction for Euro 1181 (that’s over AU$1980.00 at today’s exchange rate)
– December 2022 Puzzle Paradise Euro 700.00

The challenge is to work your way through the puzzle to find the barrel of oil.

You’ve inherited this oil well from Uncle Bubba who plugged it in a very tricky way back in the 1960’s when oil was selling for under AU $3.00 a barrel. With oil now over AU $100.00 a barrel the challenge is to unplug the well. You’ll know you’ve got the oil flowing again when you find the barrel of oil.

Can you pitch your wits against Uncle Bubba and work out how he plugged the well? You will have to discover a range of tools and work out how to use them, some are very well disguised, to reach the final goal. No physical force at all is required to open the drawer when it’s unlocked. If you find yourself forcing something you are doing something the puzzle was not designed to do.

Puzzle is made from Queensland Walnut and has fabricated brass and steel elements and springs.

Size of base is 48mm x 65mm x 40mm. The oil rig is 100mm tall.

The puzzle has been reviewed on many blogs.  Here’s Jerry’s Small Puzzle Collection blog review.