Sly Burr made from Vitex

Edward Hordern IPP28 Puzzle Exchange – Prague, Czech Republic. August 2008. 200 made.
Presented by Frank Potts.  Made by Mr Puzzle Australia. Designed by Frank Potts.
Original Price: AU$40.00

The object of the puzzle is to disassemble the burr and then reassemble. It’s a level 9,3 burr but the challenge may not just be about the number of moves to disassemble the burr.

The hint is in the name… think movies…. although working out exactly what that hint tells you about the puzzle may prove just as difficult as doing the burr itself.

Puzzle made from Vitex (otherwise known as Papua New Guinean Teak).

Size: 60mm x 60mm x 60mm.

Reviewed as a good “all round” puzzle by someone who says they are not really into burrs; read Oli’s Mechanical Puzzle Blog.