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Bar Set - 5 metal puzzles on a solid wood stand


Quick Overview

These 5 metal puzzles on a wooden stand are just the right thing for the top of the bar or the man cave! Plenty of puzzling to share around!
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There's a lot of puzzling to go around over a beet when you set this stand up on your bar!

5 metal puzzles included on the one stand.  And two of them you can buy separately here add up to $20 value on their own. That makes the set of 5 on this wooden stand for $25 great value.

The linked nails on the front of the stand are our signature Bent Again puzzle made here at Mr Puzzle.  We sell it on it's own for  $11.95!  The puzzle is to separate them and then see who can put them back together again.
Perhaps you've seen nail puzzles before?  But lLook for the extra bend we added to increase the difficulty of the puzzle. It's our own design even though others may have copied it since. This is an adaptation of the original nail puzzle that was patented in 1910 in the USA by Walter Jenkins, however it was certainly known much earlier than that.

The other four wire puzzles are all different too. For each of them you need to separate the two parts and then join them back together again.
We've including the popular MM puzzle too. We sell a larger version of this one for $9 alone. This one is a little smaller but the same puzzle. Really popular and very intruiging.

For a bit of fun why not try joining one part from a puzzle with one part from another puzzle. We don't even know if that's possible but it could be fun trying!

Size:  The base of the stand is 120mm x 160mm and it is 140mm high.  The wire used in the puzzles is 4mm.
The package contains a printed solution for each puzzles on the stand.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Mr Puzzle
Difficulty Level 3
Designer -

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