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Martian Diamond very difficult triangle puzzle for IPP

Edward Hordern IPP39 Puzzle Exchange – Kanazawa, Japan. August 2019. 
Presented by Brian Young. Designed by George Sicherman. Made by Mr Puzzle.
897 made. Original Price AU$22.00
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You’re given a tray with a diamond-shaped recess. There are 5 pieces of the puzzle already in it. Plus there is one piece outside the diamond frame. But there seems plenty of space to fit the extra piece into the frame so how can the puzzle be so difficult?

Just ask Brian. It is! He’s played with the puzzle. He’s even made the puzzle. But he’s not looked at the solution sheet yet. Only Sue knows that it goes together for sure. As it stands at the moment Brian’s never actually solved the puzzle.

The Edward Hordern puzzle exchange event is held every year at IPP. Participating puzzlers bring a new design of good quality and they proceed to fill the day by exchanging their puzzle with the puzzle of each of the others in the room. By the time the puzzlers explain the concept of their puzzle to each other, some with a long story and in costume! it can take quite a while to get through the event. But he did have a lot of fun at IPP39 exchanging the puzzle with his Ray Gun in hand.

The puzzle is from laser-cut acrylic and is available with Green pieces on a Red Base OR with Red pieces on a Green base.

Outer frame size: 145mm x 95mm x 6mm
Solution included inside clear shrink wrap packaging.


Martian Diamond by George Sicherman

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