The Cuckoo Nest Puzzle #21

Craftsman Range puzzle made in December 2011  12 made.  All sold.
Original Price: AU$70.00

6 hexagonal sticks & 6 dowels. Five stick-dowel pairs joined to form 5 different elbows. 7 pieces in total. Put them together to build this amazing shape.

Stewart Coffin noted when he originally completed this design that the puzzle had similarities to the Pin-Hole puzzle but that it is much harder because of the angle at which the pieces are offset. There are actually 2 solutions although there are many assemblies that appear correct but do not lead to a solution. In Stewart’s words “keep trying and you will eventually succeed as long as you don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again”.

Brian has built the puzzle in the reverse direction to Stewart’s drawings, after all we are downunder.
Size: Hex pieces are 95mm long.