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Mr Puzzle Australia Puzzles

Instant Insanity pattern matching puzzle

Standard Range version made from August 1995 to August 2004.  1150 made.  All sold.
Original Price: AU$32.00

The puzzle is to arrange the four blocks so that four different symbols are showing on each of the four long sides…. Don’t forget the bottom!

The most well known version of this puzzle was manufactured by Parker Bros. based on a design by Franz Armbruster from 1966 of four plastic cubes with each face having one of four different colours. The puzzle was actually conceived in 1900 by Fredrick Schossow using the four card suits on each face and a popular version during WWI used the flags of the allied nations to decorate the blocks. Mr. Puzzle has used four different shapes in this handsome wooden version.
Size 190mm x 65mm x 60mm