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Bram’s Magic twisty puzzle from IPP36

Bram’s Magic was invented by Bram Cohen and developed in conjunction with Oskar van Deventer to create an amazing new type of twisty puzzle. It is a set of six balls.  The set of six can shapeshift in curious ways

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Murbiters Devilish Burr for IPP36

Murbiters Devilish Burr is a puzzle commissioned by Rosemary Howbrigg for IPP36. We’ve been in contact with the designer Primitivo Familiar Ramos since as early as 2010. Primitivo had enjoyed the puzzle called T-Burr (sold out, see our archives page) 

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Using clear acrylic to make VERY hard puzzles

In the past couple of years Brian has been using 10mm Shinkolite continuous cast acrylic sheet to make very complex burrs.   Many of them are burrs that would never get make from wood;  too many glue joints to be stable;  too many

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