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Holey 6 Board Burr II

Junichi Yananose was the first puzzle designer to create a board burr way back in 1990. This Holey 6 Board Burr II is one of the designs that came out of the analysis of another set of burrs that Junichi

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Japanese Puzzle House

So cute!  Such precise workmanship!  And a puzzle to open! It’s been more than 2 years since we were last able to source these wonderful secret opening boxes.   The number of craftsman who know how to make them is getting less

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Checked Cube KW designed and made by Hideaki Kawashima

Hideaki Kawashima made puzzles are very sought after around the world.   We’re very happy to get just a few of his Cube KW design.  A rare treat. And we’re not worried about giving you a sneak peak at part of

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