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Fidgitz by ThinkFun

We had a few copies of the original Shapeways made puzzle released at IPP in August 2016.  Our blog page: But now ThinkFun have released a commercially made version of this ingenious new type of twisty puzzle invented by Bram

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Trick puzzle box 003 from Siebenstein-Spiele has arrived!

Puzzle boxes 001 & 002 in the series have been here for a while and now 003 has arrived.  This box 003 is much bigger, much harder, and much more involved than the other two. Is it a puzzle box? 

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Puzzle Pod Junior makes a great gift box

Everyone appreciates receiving a present of a gift card or cash, but given in an envelope, it’s not very imaginative. Puzzle Pod secret code puzzle box transforms the exchange into a fun, interactive, code cracking game between you and the

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