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New but not too difficult from Hanayama

Sometimes puzzles can be way more difficult than they need to be for the person you’re giving them too.  How about these couple of new puzzles from Hanayama that are fun; hard enough for most of us; but we’ll get

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The Waiter’s Tray. Perfect theme for Christmas giving.

Jean Claude Constantin is undoubtedly one of the most prolific and well known puzzle inventors of the last 30 years.   He’s made so many hundreds of different puzzles over the years it would be impossible to count. He commissioned this

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Hanayama Trinity puzzle wins Jury 1st Prize in Design Comp

Designed by Kyoo Wong who has worked with Hanayama based in Hong Kong for many years. This puzzle won the Jury 1st Prize in the Nob Yoshigahara Design Competition in San Diego in August 2018. Checkout the competition he was

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Benno’s Answer Box is a marathon to get open

And Brian knows this is a marathon for sure because he’s opening every one of them before we send them out.  That’s 42 moves to open and another 42 moves to close again ready to sell.  And he’s found there’s

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B-Lock by Boaz Feldman

Creating amazing puzzle locks must run in the Feldman family because in the steps of his father and the famous Danlock we now see Dan’s son Boaz bringing out the B-Lock. The beauty of this puzzle is that you can

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Set of 3 metal puzzles

There are three anodised aluminium puzzles in the interlocking series from Zoyo in China.  Each puzzle is in it’s own nicely presented in a clear lid metal tin with a solution inside. The puzzles sit inside the tin in a

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IPP38 Puzzles

Brian @ Mr Puzzle made two of the puzzles presented at this years IPP puzzle exchange. Rollercoaster is an interlocking and dexterity and packing puzzle in one! You’ll need to solve the puzzle inside the confined space of the box. Designed

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The Dice puzzle box

This is quite a different take on the tradition of sliding panel puzzle boxes we would normally associate with Japanese Puzzle Boxes. This box was invented and made very recently in China and we’ve not seen others like them available in

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3 Wise Bolts. Latest sequential discovery puzzle by Brian Young.

Brian first thought of the concept for this puzzle way back in 2015 after watching one of those quirky engineering videos on  YouTube. Who says that’s a waste of time? But how to develop the concept into a workable sequential

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Puzzle maker and designer Vinco – TV Interview

Here’s a great chance from some insight into puzzle maker and designer Václav Obšivač…. even if you can’t understand Czech!!! The interview was done by the national Czech Television and you’ll still get some insight into how Vinco makes

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