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Dilemma Games made in Thailand

We recognise the wood right? We all think it’s teak from Thailand right? Wrong. This is monkey wood and it’s a plantation grown wood used by Thai puzzle maker Dilemma Games. They use it because it promotes sustainability. Dilemma makes

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30 Cube multi-level challenge puzzle

Martin Gardner, a world-famous mathematician and scientist once wrote an article in Scientific American magazine back in 1966 expressing his regret that the 30 colour cube principle had never been turned into a commercial set of challenges. It took until

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Hanayama UFO is proving harder than the rating suggests

It’s only been released so far in Japan but we’ve been lucky to get our hands on some advance copies for our customers and boy are they loving this one. UFO brings to 63 the total number of Hanayama puzzles to

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Rubik’s Safe – a hard puzzle to keep your stuff safe

You’ve heard of thinking outside the box.  So now you have to think about how to get into the box! It’s such a fun play on the Rubik’s theme to give someone who really loves puzzles.  It’s a genuine Rubik’s licenced product. 

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