Decemburr 12 piece multiple move burr Craftsman

Made in January 2004. 70 made. All sold.
Original Price: AU$80.00
Also made in our Standard Range.

There are 13 moves just to get the first piece out of this puzzle and we don’t even think that’s the hardest part of doing it!

Once completely apart, there are 5485 false solutions (in other words, false assemblies), meaning the puzzle looks like it should go together but you can’t get the last piece in. Only the specific sequence of 13 moves will allow you to insert the last piece and solve this puzzle.

This puzzle is made under license to Goh Pit Khiam who invented this twelve-piece puzzle in December 1999 without the use of a computer.

We’ve given the puzzle a rating 9 out of 10 because it’s sold assembled. To solve the puzzle from a disassembled state without clues it could definitely be worthy of a rating 10!

Packaged ASSEMBLED – Yes, we feel this puzzle is difficult enough to get apart… but the real challenge is to get it back together!

Size 120mm x 120mm x 120mm (each piece 120mm x 30mm x 30mm)