Diagonal Twins eleven piece interlocking puzzle

Made in January 2005. 147 made. All sold.
Original Price: AU$45.00

The object of the puzzle is to disassemble the eleven pieces and reassemble them into the twin burrs.

An Aussie puzzle friend, Stuart Gee, found many interesting shapes could be made using square stock cut on a 45º diagonal whilst experimenting with puzzles made from folded paper pieces. These elegant designs seemed very appropriate to present at the 2005 International Puzzle Party in Helsinki considering Finland’s long association with the diagonal Burr. In the National Museum in Helsinki there is a puzzle from Kontiolahti which dates from 1910. However, rather than having a solid locking piece traditionally used in Finnish designs this one is a coordination puzzle.
The puzzle is made from Red Silky Oak, a native Australian wood.

Size: 60mm x 120mm x 80mm footprint of the completed puzzle.