Double Image interlocked burr

Edward Hordern IPP36 Puzzle Exchange – Kyoto, Japan. August 2016.   183 made.
Presented by Paul McDermott.  Made by Mr Puzzle Australia. Designed by William Hu.
Original Price: AU$27.50

This is one of two different designed by the up and coming designer from Western Australia, William Hu.  Two sets of 4 piece burrs interlocked together that appear as though you’re seeing double!

When Brian first saw this design it reminded him of a more complex version of the Grill published by Edwin Wyatt in his book Puzzles in Wood in 1956. It looks at  first glance to be an impossible object. In puzzle terms, an impossible object is a puzzle that will not come apart or looks physically impossible to make. 

But this is NOT an impossible object.  With the correct sequence of  24 moves this interlocking burr can be disassembled.  There’s a lot of movement in the puzzle at the beginning making it very hard to work out which is the right piece to move first.

Then try mixing the pieces up and reassembling the puzzle. Not trivial that’s for sure! 

The puzzle is made from 10mm clear acrylic.  A step by step printed solution is included.
Size: 1000mm x100mm x 40mm

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